Speechmorphing: Reinventing voice

A customized voice can bring your brand to life. It's the personality and tone of your business.
But the voice development can take many months and a hefty investment.
Too often the result is a flat, impersonal voice that tends to alienate and frustrate customers.
Speechmorphing creates personable, expressive voices for more natural conversations.
A dynamic, situational voice - built with emotional intelligence - is responsive to customers, their moods and requests.
Smorph™ speech synthesis is quick, easy to use, and scalable while significantly lowering costs.

Branded Voice. On Demand.

A voice connects customers with your brand, in ways that text on a screen never will. Convey the persona of your business, the heart of your virtual experience. Build a branded voice in just a few days. And customize it in a few clicks.

Our patented cross-language voice analysis and speech synthesis give you the power of unlimited voice creation. Leading-edge prosodic modeling delivers a natural rhythm of speech — so your conversations feel organic.


Emotional Intelligence. Expressive Speech.

Engage your customers and make them feel heard. An expressive voice is more personable and responsive to your customers and their emotions.

Using patented prosodic modeling, SmorphTM generates the right emotions and tone for any situation — on the fly. Calm an upset customer with an apologetic tone. Or guide a customer to a happy resolution by progressing from empathy and optimism to modest confidence.


Diverse Styles. Dynamic Conversation.

Choose from a wide range of voice styles — promotional, informal, conciliatory, compassionate and more. You can also develop a new style to fit any context or scenario. It’s quick and easy, done in a matter of days.

Your voice can hit the right note every time — whether it’s for discussing and placing orders, product suggestions, travel updates, or bank activity. Dynamic conversations create more positive experiences and can even brighten someone’s day.


Private Domains. Rich Library.

Our lingo and manner of speaking reflect the domains we inhabit — whether it’s a sporting event or global business. Speechmorphing develops domain-sensitive voices — to break communication barriers and embrace audiences.

The Smorph Domain Management tool allows you to select from a rich library of domain choices or create your own domain. Manage private domains, linguistic rules, templates, pronunciation, and styles. It’s another layer of customization that deepens your connections and strengthens your brand.

How Speech Synthesis is Changing Our World

From interactive marketing and customer care to conversational bots and IoT, innovations in speech synthesis are changing the way we interact with technologies and companies. That’s why Speechmorphing gives developers more freedom and expanded options to design branded, personable, emotionally-intelligent voices.



Customize and scale voices for targeted multi-market campaigns. Create an impact.


Smart Self-Service IVR

Express it the right way with dynamic voices that respond to any situation in the moment.



Use branded and emotive voices for engaging conversations that keep them coming back for more.